Activity Report


The god of water who tells Dotonbori the time="Suiryu", AQUADRAGON was revived in the middle of Osaka as experience-based entertainment coloring the waterfront of Suito Osaka.
A total of 200,000 people have viewed during 9 days of the period.
When the huge water splash, which is continuously spouted in conjunction from tens of water cannons located across 200 meter-long between the east and west in Tonbori River Walk, started drawing "Suiryu"over the sky of Dotonbori, loud cheers were heard.

Deliver the water of life to Nepal.

We have held a charity activity to donate money by Osaka known as a town blessed with water source as it is called a city of water to create a well to Nepal where people cannot easily gain cleaned water.
When we asked the collection of funds in the venue of AQUADRAGON, we could gain cooperation from many people and give one well through NGO called, "JAFS"(Japan Asian Association and Asian Friendship Society) who works on international cooperation activities.
We appreciate much cooperation.

We will present a well to a village in Nepal where does not have enough safe water through NGO called, "JAFS (Japan Asian Association and Asian Friendship Society)" who works on international cooperation activities.


We have held an educational event for citizens in the grass open space and waterfront of Nakanoshima Park, in which they actually feel the brightness of water and life to consider about life while enjoying.
In the grass open space, with the theme of "Life Saving", "BOSAI Pentathlon Challenge Cup" with top athletes such as Mr. Nobuharu Asahara, "BOSAI Experience Program Area" that can be useful for emergency, and "BOSAI Villages of Food Stalls" with foods collection for disaster prevention have been held.
In the waterfront, we have held a parade by paddle boat and riverside program all day such as a walking experience event on the water, by which people can actually feel fun of the waterfront and we could finish in great success.

River Area (North / South)

Grass Space

Inochi Village

Special Guest


In Nakanohima where is surrounded by the source of life, water, and located at the center of Suito Osaka in which Koan Ogata established Tekijuku (a school for Dutch studies in Osaka), a public forum for citizens has been held, in which citizens and students can discuss with specialists who work in the latest medical site without borders.
In the first session of "Student Forum", the final presentation of idea contest has been provided for public awareness of AED by team including middle and high school of students. Those ideas were combined with two faces of novelty that only middle and high school of students can provide and feasibility.
In the second session, "Medical Forum", specialists in the medical or industry field discussed each other without borders of industry, academia, government, and citizen about required matters by which Kansai can be recognized as international innovation region for medical care. Many citizens who visited the forum listened seriously.

The first session: Inochi Student Forum

Self-Medication Inspection

The second session: Inochi Medical Forum